Ballerina is a magical word. We picture a beautiful dancer in a sparkling costume and satin slippers who exudes beauty and grace. For all aspiring dancers, ballet is where it begins. It is a disciplined curriculum presented in a sequential order. A simple step becomes progressively more complicated.

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Our ballet program currently consists of six levels. Our curriculum is not focused on creating professional ballerinas but allows students to enjoy, yet be challenged by the discipline and fundamentals of ballet while still being able to participate in school activities.

Dancers are required to participate in our annual Nutcracker/Sharing the Season holiday program. As dancers progress through the ranks, they are given character specific roles reflecting their level of ballet.

Ballet Classroom Attire

All Classical Ballet dancers are required to wear pink tights and pink split sole ballet slippers. Hair must be secured in a bun.

Company ballet classes – black leotard
Pink A and B – pink leotard
Blue – light blue leotard
Level 4 and higher – black leotard with coordinating belt color