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Schedule for 2020-21 classes

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Ballerina is a magical word. We picture a beautiful dancer in a sparkling costume and satin slippers who exudes beauty and grace. For all aspiring dancers, ballet is where it begins. It is a disciplined curriculum presented in a sequential order. A simple step becomes progressively more complicated.

Our ballet program currently consists of six levels. Our curriculum is not focused on creating professional ballerinas but allows students to enjoy, yet be challenged by the discipline and fundamentals of ballet while still being able to participate in school activities.
Dancers are required to participate in our annual Nutcracker/Sharing the Season holiday program. As dancers progress through the ranks, they are given character specific roles reflecting their level of ballet.

Progressive / Recreational

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Progressive Dance Program
Our progressive program, also know as recreational, offers a variety of classes for ages three through adult. This program also includes out complimentary adaptive dance program, a mainstay at DanceWorks for the past seven years.
AB3’s – Creative movement specifically designed for the 3 year old student. Class meets for 30 minutes one time per week. Dancers wear pink leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers.
Kindermoves – Pre-ballet class for 4-year-olds. Class meets for 45 minutes one time per week. Dancers wear black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers.
Beginning Ballet/Tap – This class is a fun learning and performing experience for 5 & 6 year olds. Class meets for 1 hour, one time per week.
Jazz/Ballet/Tap (JBT 1 & 2) – Combination class for students age 7 to 9. Class meets for 1 hour, one time per week.
Dancline Prep Kick Classes – Age 7 and up. Classes meet for 1 hour, one time per week.
Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Contemporary Classes – Age 7 and up. Classes meet for 1 hour, one time per week.
Adult Tap – Classes meet 1 hour, one time per week. Classes for beginning and intermediate levels are available. Dancers wear black tap oxfords.
Adult Ballroom – Classes meet one time per week for a 6-week session.
Progressive Class Attire
Combo classes (JBT, Ballet/Tap) –  Our younger dancers wear any type of dancewear, tights or leggings. Black patent tap shoes, pink ballet or tan jazz shoes for JBT. Hair pulled back in a ponytail.
Other Progressive Class dancers are required to wear black fitted tops with black dance pants, shorts or leggings. All long hair needs to be pulled back in a ponytail or as specified by instructor.
Kick classes – Black jazz boots
Jazz classes – Tan jazz boots
Competition Tap – Beige tap oxfords
Lyrical – Turners (half ballet shoes)
Shoes and DanceWorks apparel are available at the studio.

Ballet Classroom Attire

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All Classical Ballet dancers are required to wear pink tights and pink split sole ballet slippers. Hair must be secured in a bun.
  • Crystal with coordinating colored leotard
  • Emeralds with coordinating colored leotard
  • Sapphire with coordinating colored leotard
  • Royal with coordinating colored leotard
  • Black with coordinating colored leotard

Competitive Groups

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Our competition lines offer a more intense study of jazz, tap, lyrical and danceline. All competition programs have a ballet requirement. Auditions are held in the summer of each year following mandatory summer workshops.

DanceWorks competitive group offerings are:
  • Diamonds –  Jazz ,Tap & Lyrical
  • Sapphires –  Jazz ,Tap & Lyrical
  • Emeralds –  Jazz ,Tap & Lyrical
  • Crystals –  Jazz ,Tap & Lyrical
Competition Team opportunities available. Please contact the studio.